Our man in Washington meets May after Trump backed Farage as ambassador

Posted November 27, 2016

On Monday night Trump took to Twitter to say: "Many people would like to see @Nigel_Farage represent Great Britain as their ambassador to the United States".

Downing Street and the UK Foreign Office have dismissed a suggestion from United States president-elect Donald Trump that Nigel Farage would make a good ambassador to Washington.

The unusual call from Mr. Trump clearly showed the scale of his liking for Farage, who played a key role shaping public opinion in favor of taking Britain out of the European Union ahead of the June referendum.

The British government is trying to build ties with the new U.S. administration, after Trump took more than a day to call the prime minister after his election victory this month.

"We have first rate ambassador in Washington", Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who campaigned for Brexit, told the British parliament. A spokesman for current British Prime Minister Theresa May said that Darroch was an "excellent ambassador" and that he would "traditionally" serve in his role for several more years to come.

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Mr Farage subsequently accused Downing Street of putting its dislike for him before the national interest.

Her representatives Tuesday quickly shot down Trump's extraordinarily undiplomatic initiative, which was expressed in a tweet the night before by the US president-elect.

"Politicians who have been openly abusive about Trump now pretend to be his friend".

It's a breach of protocol at best (and unprecedented at worst) for an American president or president-elect to publicly call for a foreign nation to appoint a new ambassador.

He said: "I think Donald Trump has obviously got his own views on how he has a relationship with Britain".

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Foreign Secretary Johnson also said in jest, without mentioning Farage by name, that perhaps he should instead apply to be ambassador to Tehran, signaling 10 Downing Street's general disdain for the Independence Party leader.

After successfully campaigning for Britain to leave the EU Mr Farage joined Mr Trump at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi, where he was lauded as "the man behind Brexit".

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage were always something of a love match.

After Farage's recent visit to the US to congratulate Trump on winning the election, Downing Street rejected any notion that Farage would ever act as a go-between between the British Prime Minister and US President.

Farage stepped down as party leader after the Brexit victory, saying he wanted his life back, but he returned to the fold when his disillusioned successor, Diane James, resigned after just 18 days.

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