Tonight's "Supergirl" Episode - "Medusa"

Posted November 30, 2016

"Supergirl" kicks off The CW's four-way superhero crossover event tonight with The Flash (guest star Grant Gustin) coming over to seek Kara's (Melissa Benoist) help with an alien invasion on their Earth. There's not much to discuss here, other than how adorably happy Kara is to see her BFF Barry. Cadmus just won't go away, and now they have a biological weapon that targets only aliens. "We should kiss the girls that we want to kiss", she tells Alex, before making a move on Alex. Aww.

While on probation, Supergirl rips off the band-aid and asks if Mon-El is attracted to her. You could catch glimmers of those more contemplative beats in moments like J'onn's willingness to sacrifice himself, or that montage of alien bystanders watching doom rain down from overhead, but most of that thoughtfulness ended up swallowed with the terrible hamminess of Cyborg Superman. She saw Mon-El was in pain and went to help him without hesitation, even though Mon-El could've infected her. Before leaving the bar, Hank had planted some type of gas, which immediately kills all the aliens in the bar. And now, he has been exposed to the toxin.

Luckily, Eliza, who's working with the DEO on this case, informs them the virus can only be transmitted via aerosol.

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The cutest scene of the entire show (okay, second cutest) was Kara and Mon-El playing Monopoly through the glass of his cell. And as the series is nearing its mid-season break, it is being assumed that they'll make their appearance in Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9. Oh well, nice to see Kara using her powers toward frivolous ends, you know the very thing she chastises Mon-El for only a couple of episodes back.

Superman also once got sick from "Virus X" in the comics, which was dosed with Kryptonite by Lex Luthor and began transforming and killing the hero. Because really, it would have been pretty lame if Karas accusation about Lillian was enough to set Lena down a dark path. Alex (Chyler Leigh) starts contemplating on coming out to his mother like she did with her sister.

Kelex is a dumb robot, who could neither see that Kara Zor-El had become a middle-aged African-American man, nor safeguard against being reprogrammed to attack her. She shows up to L Corp and tells Lena that she's writing an article on powerful women and their mothers. We learn from our parents, but, hopefully, we do a little better with the time we are given and, hopefully, our own children do just a little but more with their lives than what we did. Lena has called her mother back to confirm what Supergirl was saying.

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According to this spoiler report, CADMUS will be releasing the virus Medusa into the open. Kara is disappointed that Lena would just blindly join Cadmus, but there's no time. She's a good Mom that way.

The Danvers might be enjoying family time, but the same can't be said of the Luthor women, whose relationship is revealed to be incredibly strained because Lillian has never tried to hide the fact she loves Lex more than Lena. Finally, in the closing moments of the episode, Barry and Cisco arrive from their Earth to recruit Supergirl for their mission to fight an alien invasion! As she swoops upwards you see a wide scenic shot of the Fortress and its interior statues and it looked lovely. He doesn't admit his feelings to her when she asks him point-blank; instead, he talks about all the hot ladies throwing themselves at him. I'm not sure if Mon-El is being honest when he says he doesn't remember.

For those Supergirl fans who want nothing to do with this crossover madness - no need to worry. However, Alex insists that she has a big announcement of her own and that they can't overshadow her. The two battled things out, and while Maggie was hurt in the crossfire (we were pretty darn anxious about her for a second), it seemed as though she was going to be okay. After her daughter played her, she got arrested. She's clearly trying to come out, but a weird blue blob suddenly appears in the air. I still can't wrap my head around why Hank would refer to himself as Cyborg Superman, but I suspect it's mainly so the writers could throw in the cheesy but still satisfying "You may be a cyborg, but you're no Superman!" line.

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Speaking of kissing, Alex gets a visit that night from Maggie, who brings over pizza and plants one on her lips. So, it's somewhat refreshing to have an episode like this one, which finds most of the characters aching to come clean. Honestly, I felt a little stilted. Downplaying Guardian left more room for the storylines that actually matter, and this episode offered a satisfying blend of superhero spectacle and good, simple character drama. I will say, I love the character of Lillian Luthor, as she portrays the right level of creepiness. It forces J'onn to accept the white martian blood in his system. Keep tuning in this week to see the rest of the crossover event only on The CW.