Mark Zuckerberg drops lawsuits to obtain land in Hawaii

Posted January 28, 2017

"Based on feedback from the local community, we are reconsidering the quiet title process and discussing how to move forward", Zuckerberg said in a statement.

First Baptist Church pastor John Crowder said he thought Zuckerberg was there to promote some charity or technological advances.

Now, more than six months later, around 200 locals are expected to march in protest along the wall this Saturday, per Business Insider.

The move puts an end to the latest incident to arise between Zuckerberg and his neighbors, who have been less than thrilled with the decision the billionaire has been making ever since he purchased his 700-plus acre property for $200million back in 2014. As a result of this law, which was in place between 1850 and 1855, lots of land is owned by lots of people and some of those people have no idea they're even entitled to the land.

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Ing then requested for the legal actions to be dropped by Zuckerberg, and then to have a positive dialogue regarding this matter in which they can both seek the benefit for the Hawaiian culture as well as its land.

"As with most transactions, the majority owners have the right to sell their land if they want, but we need to make sure smaller partial owners get paid for their fair share too".

Donald Trump is not the only person now causing controversy over a wall, with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg provoking protests over one he built in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, this can apparently be hard, given that many parcels of land have been passed down through multiple generations and a number of descendants can claim ownership.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Zuckerberg's lawsuits ignited a firestorm of criticism, so much so that he took to his own social media page to defend himself and later said he was reconsidering the suits. Now that I understand the issues better, it's clear we made a mistake.

"For most of these folks, they will now receive money for something they never even knew they had".

"To find a better path forward, we are dropping our quiet title actions and will work together with the community on a new approach", he wrote.

Zuckerberg also called out refugees - noting that his wife's family came to America as refugees from China and Vietnam - saying "we should also keep our doors open to refugees and those who need help". "We will continue to speak with community leaders that represent different groups, including native Hawaiians and environmentalists, to find the best path", he wrote in the open letter.

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