Firmware Update Version 4.50 Will Introduce 'Boost Mode'

Posted February 07, 2017

It is also a shame that the developers of a particular game still need to implement updates on a particular game to take advantage of the PS4 Pro's power. Sony had always stated in the past that using extra horsepower on older titles was not possible to ensure 100% compatibility with all games.

"Experience improved gameplay, including higher framerates, for some games that were released before the PS4 Pro (CUH-7000 Series)".

Sony's forthcoming firmware update for PlayStation 4 reportedly includes a "Boost Mode" option for PS4 Pro users, improving the performance for games that don't already feature enhancements when played on Pro.

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With Scorpio on the horizon, the PS4 Pro needed a bit of push, and boost mode looks to be just the thing to perk up consumer interest in what is traditionally a rather slow period of the year.

Another important new feature is the PS4 Pro Boost mode, exclusive to the Pro version of the console. You can also move games now installed on your PS4 hard drive to the external drive. But now, four years after it launched, the PS4 is finally receiving support for external hard drives. At the moment, it remains unclear when Sony will officially launch Firmware 4.50 for the general public. However, the company has one more trick up its sleeve to excite gamers over the Christmas period - the new Playstation 4 Pro. This has enabled many players to get into the beta and try out the mode for themselves.

The extremely sort after External HDD Support which is compatible with a HDDs up to 8TB. Or should you wait for a generation refresh in the future?

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The design is nearly identical to the PS4 Slim, only with what appears to be an extra "layer" added on top of it. Stuff reports the "slightly tweaked" device features a new light bar and grey buttons instead of the original black. At the moment, 30 titles have been upgraded for the Pro's added performance, as well as 4K video streaming through Netflix. Unfortunately, not all games can deliver a PS4 Pro patch.

However, these improvements can only be appreciated at close proximity to the screen, the site says, which means it "isn't worth the investment" over the regular PS4.

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