Reasons to Install YouTube Go App on Your Device

Posted February 11, 2017

Not in India? Never mind because you can still download the app from APK Mirror; though, now still available in India to the best of my knowledge. The YouTube Go works on older devices running Android Jellybean too. For example, lets just say you download Bad Lip Reading's "Inauguration Day" but your friend also wants to watch it. Let's say your friend doesn't have available cellular data due to poor coverage or exhausted data inclusion.

The YouTube Go application is created to work smoothly on less storage and slow devices running on Android Jellybean as well.

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While Facebook had enjoyed a lot of success by launching their Lite application a few years ago, over 200 million users of the app have benefitted from its launch.

Even compared to the file size for the most low quality version of offline videos on the original app, the Go app's file size of the same version is still significantly lower. The app weighs less than 10MB to download and is a bare-bone version of the original app, maintaining certain features and adding one or two more interesting ones.

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On first look, Go looks very similar to the primary YouTube app. The only options now available are "basic" and "standard" quality, neither of which are 1080p or even 720p. Users should keep in mind the software is unstable.

To help decide which resolution is best for download, the app will tell you how much storage space is now available on your phone, and how much each video will eat into this at different resolutions. Recently, Johanna Wright, Google's Vice President of Product Management has announced that a lighter and less resource-consuming version of the app has been launched in India.

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Is it worth a try? Though "unreleased", users can download the Youtube Go app and watch or share videos offline. However, one can always search for random videos by tying the keyword in the search tab at the top of the page and all the videos which can be saved will show up by itself.