Protests Against Planned Parenthood Happening Across Country Today, Counterprotests Too

Posted February 12, 2017

Laura Brown of West Allis, who held a sign that read, "I regret my abortion", said she hoped with "all my heart", that Planned Parenthood loses federal funding. The abortion issue and Planned Parenthood.

Anti-Planned Parenthood protests to be held across U.S.

A statement posted to the website regarding Saturday's demonstrations stated: "Protests at health centers are created to intimidate patients seeking basic health care services at Planned Parenthood, including lifesaving cancer screenings, testing for HIV, treatment for STIs, and family planning and birth control".

Planned Parenthood says cutting off those funds would make it more hard for women to get birth control, Pap smears or testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

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An estimated 10,000 New Yorkers are expected to flood Washington Square Park's Garibaldi Plaza at 11 a.m. for a counter protest in response to the #DefundPP rallies taking place nationwide. On top of that, Planned Parenthood is trafficking baby body parts.

Fran Gibson said she opposes funding Planned Parenthood because it assists in murder.

Protesters display their signs outside a Planned Parenthood health center in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Prey argues that Planned Parenthood helps to prevent abortions through education and birth control. "I do believe we're outnumbered, but God is greater and we do believe He's on our side".

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She and others say they are praying and asking the government to take away Planned Parenthood's federal funds.

People at the rally called for federal funds to instead support organizations that provide free services to women but do not perform abortions, such as InnerVisions Healthcare in West Des Moines.

"I feel like we got sort of complacent and comfortable with the status quo and didn't realize how quickly things can change and didn't realize how many things can be at threat if we don't participate", Caudill said. She said she supports #ProtestPP's idea to invest in federally qualified health centers. The Reno Police Department said there were about 20 people involved in the protest calling to defund the organization while there were "hundreds" at the counter-protest.

"They were the only people who cared", Caldwell says.

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Even when the rule has not been in effect, existing federal law has barred the use of USA funds to pay for abortions anywhere in the world, The Washington Post reported.