GOP lawmakers back ObamaCare replacement

Posted February 19, 2017

The companion legislation would get rid of the mandate that all insurance plans include certain types of coverage.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Thursday legislation will be introduced shortly after recess.

We need to rescue people from this collapsing law, and we need to replace it with a true patient-centered system. Ryan has backed reshaping it into a voucher-like program that people could use to buy coverage, but Trump has said he doesn't want to revamp Medicare. They added they want to have a vote on their plan within days of a repeal vote.

The 2015 bill repealed the individual and employer mandates, ended the subsidies and Medicaid expansion, and rolled back all of the law's taxes. Under the plan laid out in the memo, individuals who do not have employer or government-based insurance or who are dependent children under age 26 would be universally eligible for an advanceable, refundable monthly tax credit.

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That sounds truly terrible on either the large or small scale, but it's all predicated on Obamacare protections vanishing without a viable alternative health-coverage plan - and that's where the GOP majority in Congress has bogged down. Those steep deductibles without the protection of Health Savings Accounts leave most families feeling effectively uncovered. Republicans say it is a way to limit federal spending and give more control to states. They would get enough money so that a midlevel plan would cost no more than 6.4 percent of their income. Those Democratic-controlled states that have adopted their own versions of costly Obamacare regulations would be suddenly exposed to this federalist competition, creating new opportunities for Republicans in those states to win governorships and legislative control.

Hoping to quell any jitters, Price, who served in the House before becoming HHS secretary, told Republican lawmakers that on Obamacare repeal, "The president is all in on this. let's go shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm", according to a source who attended the meeting.

States that did not elect to expand Medicaid would receive additional resources to make states more equal.

Ryan also said the bill would address concern from some Republican senators and governors from states that have expanded Medicaid. Both were crafted and agreed upon by House Republican leadership and the two committee chairmen who are charged with replacing the ACA: Reps.

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ALISON KODJAK, BYLINE: Republicans discussed an 18-page proposal to replace Obamacare at a closed-door meeting yesterday at the Capitol.

Attendees reportedly said Ryan laid out a timeline that would start the repeal process by the end of February and pass it by the end of March.

But House conservatives are becoming frustrated with the speed leaders are moving and want to see action before then.

The vote by Freedom Caucus members Monday night, confirmed to CNN by an aide, to press ahead on the repeal plan crystalized the frustration building up among conservative lawmakers unhappy with the delay in repealing Obamacare.

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