Mysterious Carcass Of Huge Hairy Sea Creature Washed Ashore in Philippines

Posted February 25, 2017

Numerous photographs are selfies, which locals took of themselves with the pale-colored, hairy-looking large mass, that appeared to be bleeding.

"According to the aquaculture technologist, it is likely that the carcass was that of a sea cow, based on skin found near the shore, "Awitan reports". This huge carcass washed up on the heels of another weird finding on the beaches of the Philippines.

A strange-looking white mass was washed ashore in Philippines.

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Surrounding this most recent quake, one 10-foot-long oarfish washed onto a beach on the island on February 6, while another was hauled in by a fisherman.

This, however, hasn't stopped people from clicking pictures with it or speculating about it.

Some of the views include the oarfish, an elusive deep sea creature which is rarely seen.

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Scientists believe oarfish sightings are caused by especially strong currents that drag the fish from their depths hundreds of feet below the ocean's surface, though facts about the oarfish are few and far between.

The "white-blob" some say maybe the carcass of a polar bear or another sea creature. The long serpent-like carcass is that of an oarfish, which has now been identified.

Benfield, on the other hand, is more skeptical about the connection between earthquakes and oarfish, telling National Geographic that oarfish don't live near the ocean floor where seismic activity would emanate from, and if the hypothesis were true, other species would be affected too.

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Huge white hairy beast washes ashore following a recent natural disaster.