Suspected gang members arrested, charged in murder of Brentwood teens

Posted March 03, 2017

A 14-year-old victim told investigators the suspects kidnapped and held her against her will for 18 days after she ran away from school on February 2, according to court documents. Believing that Pena broke MS-13 rules, the gang members drove him to a remote location where they stabbed and slashed him, and left him until his remains were recovered on October 17, the indictment said.

She said she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by members of the gang after she ran away from school one day.

The next day Genesis had disappeared, according to the kidnapped teen.

While the teens were held captive at the apartment, investigators said the victims were regularly forced to consume alcohol and drugs in order to remain intoxicated. She told detectives there were six MS-13 gang members living there, all following the lead of a man known as "Diabolical", identified in court documents as Miguel Alvarez-Flores.

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Alvarez-Flores and Hernandez-Rivera went before a judge Thursday morning. The teen says she, too, was being held against her will. Alvarez-Flores was offended and offered a lit cigarette to a satanic statue, but said "the Beast" wanted a soul rather than a material offering, according to reports. Court documents chronicled what they believe are Genesis's final terrifying moments.

Officers believe Rivera was compelled to kill the woman, who was coaxed out of the apartment under the premise of meeting up with a dealer to purchase marijuana.

It was at this apartment that the girl told police she came into contact with the woman they found shot and killed in west Houston, on the 9900 block of Sharpcrest.

According to court documents, Rivera allegedly admitted to killing Genesis, because he was directed to to commit the murder y Alvarez-Flores.

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Alvarez-Flores and Rivera's are being held in the Harris County Jail.

Prosector Lisa Collins told the court that Hernandez-Rivera told cops he took the woman to a remote area where he shot her twice.

Prosecutors said Hernandez-Rivera stated he and Alvarez-Flores got out of the vehicle and sat the girl in the grass on the side of the road. She said they were also holding the dead woman against her will and they killed her because she bashed the gang's shrine to a satanic saint. Police say the woman is Hispanic, around 15 to 25 years old, stands around 5 feet tall and weights 108 pounds. She has long dark, wavy hair and pierced ears. She was found in a gray short-sleeved knit shift with a pink "Slope Bunny" embroidered emblem on the left chest, Old Navy blue denim jeans, purple ankle socks, and white high-top Converse athletic shows. She was also wearing three silver rings, including one with elephants. If you recognize her, contact Houston police.

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