The Oscars' Most Touching Moment Was in a Commercial Featuring Bill Paxton

Posted March 03, 2017

Many are mourning the loss of Bill Paxton, an actor known for his role in "Twister" and "Titanic" as well as the mini-series, "Hatfield's and McCoy's".

"In one scene Bill took such a big swing as an actor, he went for such a broad enormous choice in the take".

"And he was just really proud of where he was from and wanted to let that community know that they, too, could be film makers, that they could be-they could follow their dreams", Cain said. Actor Rob Lowe, who says Paxton was one of his closest friends, recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter to explain how this tragedy has impacted him. Rest in Peace. You will be missed but never forgotten.

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Perhaps the cast and crew of Training Day will air a pre-recorded message expressing the condolences and memories of Paxton as they knew him during their time shooting the first season of Training Day. The 1994 movie centers on the James brothers who felt shortchanged by Chicago railroad investors and turned to a life of crime.

The actor recounted how he first met Paxton in the early '90s on the set of The Dark Backward, and was impressed with the larger-than-life acting choices Paxton made during filming.

The pair would consistently support each other in their careers and their personal lives.

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The actor passed away over the weekend from heart surgery complications, with his untimely death coming four episodes into the run of what will be his last series, CBS's Training Day.

Lastly, Someone just sent me this photo.

Lowe, who starred alongside Fred Savage in Fox's The Grinder from 2015 to 2016, revealed that Paxton never let his new found fame get to his head. "He was very much a man out of his time in a way".

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