Charting the impact of the SAP-Google cloud partnership

Posted March 10, 2017

In all likelihood, Google values Kaggle for its deep user base, rather than any proprietary technology, which is a bit of a departure from its usual penchant for cutting edge intellectual property.

Trifacta, the global leader in data wrangling, today announced it has collaborated with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) to build Google Cloud Dataprep. Dr Fei Fei Li, the company's chief scientist for cloud and machine learning, announced the new technology.

"We will make use of the Google Cloud Launcher Marketplace, Google's marketplace for enterprise-grade partner applications, to offer products to developers and customers, starting with the developer edition of SAP HANA, express edition", noted Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board, Products & Innovation, SAP.

Google is building its first cloud region in Canada, which it says will allow businesses to keep sensitive data within the country while also speeding up services like machine learning that helps better analyze information.

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Not only can the API detect objects within a video, like a baseball or baseball bat at a little league game, but it can also identify actions. As part of the partnership, SAP will retain the control and be the custodian of all the data stored in the HANA database on the Google Cloud Platform.

Firebase Storage (which is now called Cloud Storage for Firebase), too, is getting an update and is now aligned with Google's other cloud storage solutions.

Please Wait while comments are loading. At the same time, Google introduced a series of application programming interfaces (APIs) around such tasks as natural language, language translation, and vision recognition to enable customers to leverage machine learning on the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud already provides Cloud Machine Learning Engine, among other managed services for working on data. In another demo, a search for "beach" loaded a bunch of videos the machine learning software determined had beaches in them.

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They highlighted work with Intel, where the two companies are launching "several" technology initiatives and market education efforts covering IoT, Kubernetes and TensorFLow, including optimisations, a developer program and tool kits.

Meanwhile, Google will continue to be focusing on its Business Apps as a key selling point for the cloud. "This is an incredibly serious mission".

The company's first change is that sales training and product development credits will be made available for all products, across its G Suite, GCP, Maps, Devices and Education products, so partners are no longer limited by offering.

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