New Michael Brown Video Surfaces

Posted March 14, 2017

Documentary filmmaker Jason Pollock vehemently defended the new footage he surfaced about Michael Brown's death during an interview with CNN host Brooke Baldwin Monday afternoon.

A video purporting to show Michael Brown hours before he was shot to death by police in Ferguson, Missouri has sparked a new wave of anger ─ but no more clarity ─ about a 2014 killing that prompted a national debate on race and policing.

He said that the clip "clearly would not have been admissible so this was not presented to the grand jury and therefore not released". "He should be in jail for involuntary manslaughter at the least". Much of the narrative about the shooting centered around video showing Brown in what appeared to be a strong-arm robbery of a local convenience store, taking a handful of cigarillos and pushing a clerk. "Michael was handed the bag in the video, the clerk puts it in a plastic bag and hands it over the counter to Michael Brown..." His non-indictment led to nationwide protests and outrage over the use of police violence against black citizens.

Then Brown takes a small sack with cigarillos. Wilson claimed that his 18-year-old victim was rushing toward him at the time and that he thus acted in self-defense, though those final moments are at the heart of the fervently contested inquiry.

It's unclear why the footage wasn't part of the discussion at the time of the shooting. The video doesn't clearly show what was exchanged, but shows Brown leaving behind the cigarillos.

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A co-owner of the store, however, insists Brown took merchandise.

While the video does not have sound, McCulloch said Brown and the store employees are seen having a discussion while the clerks are examining what is on the counter.

The movie's director, Jason Pollock, and Brown's mother, Lezley McSpadden, appeared before the premiere of Stranger Fruit, and talked to the media about the new revelations in the film. "Mike did not rob the store", says the film narrator.

Previously disclosed video footage shows Brown and store co-owner Andy Patel in an altercation at the door before Brown left. Former Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson told the Post-Dispatch that he had not previously seen the video.

The next day, Brown went back to the store about 11:50 get his items.

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"It was determined that [the video] was neither relevant nor material to anything that occurred. on Canfield Drive", the prosecutor said in the news conference.

McCulloch said that Brown got some drinks from the cooler and some cigarillos.

"It's very clear that there was no transaction between Mr". But the owners of the store are disputing those claims. "The suggestion that he's coming back to pick up what he bartered for is just stupid".

However, attorney Jay Kanzler, who represents the store and its employees, contends that Pollock's footage has been doctored, and he promised the imminent release of the full, unedited video of Brown's visit to the store on that night.

"The video has been out there", Kanzler said, "This isn't new".

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"We want people to understand what happened, and they're going to". But Ferguson and St. Louis County police did not return messages seeking details.