Ivanka Trump to receive White House office, security clearance

Posted March 22, 2017

Like her siblings Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, Ivanka as taken an active role in her father's business interests over the course of her life, both in his real estate empire and reality TV show, "The Apprentice".

Ivanka's attorney Jamie Gorelick said she will serve as the "eyes and ears" for her father while providing broad-ranging advice.

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Politico reported on Monday that Ivanka will soon by working out of an office in the White House, which she still claims she doesn't work for. In January, she announced that she and her husband, Jared Kushner, would be moving to the nation's capital - but she would be taking time off to focus on her family.

She will get access to classified information, though she is not technically serving as a government employee.

So if we get all this in exchange for one room in the White House, it sounds like a fair trade.

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Ivanka Trump is set to increase her role in her father's administration by getting an office at the White House.

Problems of conflict between business ties and politics has been in the forefront for months, and it will be interesting to see how the relationship between the public and private sector play into Trump's administration across the next four years.

President Trump appears to have issued the unfounded claims that the British intelligence agency GCHQ carried out the alleged wiretap after watching a Fox News report last week.

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"Aren't there already enough conflicts of interest to sink a ship?" he wrote. That meeting on Friday was the second such global workforce meeting organized by Ms. Trump, after another focusing on economic opportunities for women that came during Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's visit to the U.S. in February. Thus far her influence has been from the outside in, and any involvement has been unofficial. She has been politically active even before Trump was sworn into office and has accompanied her father to meetings. But Gorelick said the goal of the trust wasn't to shield Trump from everything, but to remove her from the day-to-day operations. What he won't do, however, is pay her as an official member of the White House staff - meaning she will not be legally required to abide by ethical rules.