Google Maps gets real-time location sharing

Posted March 23, 2017

Sounds like driving to meet friends and family could get a whole lot easier in the future. Even though Apple Maps have provided this feature with iOS 10, Google's version of it is a bit more refined and handy. So, you can also just select the blue dot that marks your current locations, which lets you share your location in a couple less steps. From there, you can choose which friends you want to share your trip or real-time location with. "And the people you share with will be able to see your location on Android, iPhone, mobile web, and even desktop". And you'll see an icon above the compass on your own map reminding you that you're actively sharing your location. It might seem creepy to have your family and friends spy on your location, but Google is handling it well, with expiration times, automatic shut-off, and trip tracking that ends when you arrive.

Do you ever park in a lot and return hours later only to find that you have no idea where in the labyrinth you left your vehicle? You beam a link to your location via email or text, but links are restricted to time-based sharing - they expire once a specified amount of time has elapsed.

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And sharing your location with that friend is now as simple as a tap.

Google rolled out the feature on Android in 25 metro areas across the US. If you're willing to give the feature more than a couple of seconds of your time, you can also customize your parking spot note with photos or other useful info. This move will allow you to share your location with anyone. Also, the company routinely reaches out to advocacy groups before releasing products such as location sharing. Additionally, you always have the option of ending sharing whenever you want, and you'll always know when you're sharing your location with someone.

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In addition, the updated parking feature allows you to set a timer on your parking spot, in case the spot is at a meter or has a time limit.

Maps will share a link using your preferred messaging app to a map.

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