Dunkin' Donuts Is Getting Rid of the Coffee Coolatta

Posted March 24, 2017

The new frozen drink, which will launch this summer, has a more authentic "coffee-forward" flavor in line with Dunkin's hot and iced standards, and is geared to everyday imbibing, according to Dunkin' executive chef Jeff Miller. They're still on menus until they get outed by the new Frozen Coffee - so now's the time to treat yourself before the drink is gone forever. The new drink has Dunkin' Donuts coffee extract, ice, liquid cane sugar, and dairy. Replace the cream with skim milk and you're down to 550 calories, but two extra grams of sugar. Now, the chain is serving nitro cold brew in five locations, with plans to expand the test in the near future.

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"Our Coffee Coolatta isn't good enough", Chris Fuqua, Dunkin's senior vice president of brand marketing, said at a media day at Dunkin' Brands' headquarters on Tuesday, Business Insider reported. Let us never forget that a large-size (32-oz) Frozen Caramel Swirl Coffee Coolatta boasts an impressive 990 calories, 47 grams of fat and 138 grams of sugar.

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Dunkin' Donuts is getting rid of one of its most well-known products this summer-because the company says it's no longer "good enough". "We're always thinking about what is the next big thing in coffee, because we can't just rest on our laurels". The fruit-flavored varieties (including Blue Raspberry and Minute-Maid Orange), which the chain said continue to have a loyal following, will remain on the menu forseeable future.

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