Super Mario Run for iOS updated with more free content

Posted March 25, 2017

Nintendo finally released mobile title Super Mario Run to Android devices this week after launching on iOS in December 2016.

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Nintendo is yet to acknowledge the issue or offer a permanent fix in the form of updates for its latest creation "Super Mario Run 2.0" on the Android platform.

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It did apparently make enough money to convince Nintendo that the one-time pricing model is still the way to go for most mobile games, as Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima told Nikkei. "Super Mario Run" is free to download, but users must pay $9.99 in order to play the full game. There are no micro-transactions. Do you think Nintendo should stick with the SMR model, or shift more towards FEH freemium styles of payment? It's nice to hear that they won't be swayed in their plans by the lure of dollar signs, but it's also hard to know what lesson they'll take away from Mario Run, since they're not about to stop caring about profits altogether, either. "We honestly prefer the "Super Mario Run' model". The game will be made available on Android on March 23; however, Nintendo will also launch a version 2.0 of the game, which is said to come packed with some additional elements, some of them perhaps being antipiracy-related.

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Last year, Isao Moriyasu - Chief Executive of DeNA, Nintendo's mobile app developer partner - said that the next two Nintendo apps would be "free-to-start apps," referring to Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing, which was recently delayed. Their sales numbers haven't been released on Fire Emblem Heroes, but the game seems to be more of a "cash cow". Nintendo has since released another game, Fire Emblem Heroes which follows a freemium model.