Girl burned while making homemade slime

Posted March 30, 2017

Do-it-yourself slime, a craze that has become a popular project for kids at home and in the classroom, could also be a recipe for danger. The girl was at a sleepover the weekend of March 18 when she woke up in agonizing pain.

"It felt like really hot and tingly", Kathleen says.

Doctors said burns and blisters on her hands were due to Borax exposure.

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"When we looked at them, they were covered in blisters", said Siobhan Quinn, Kathleen's mother.

A MA mother claims her 11-year-old daughter ended up with second and third-degree burns on her hands from an ingredient found in do-it-yourself slime, which has become a viral sensation thanks to countless YouTube tutorials.

"From constantly handling it, it just, I think, did a number on her skin". Concerned, her parents took her to the hospital, where doctors said she'd received second and third-degree burns.

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It is also one of the main ingredients in multiple recipes for homemade slime or "gak" found online.

When you set out of make slime, it's important to dilute Borax with water before you start playing around with it, so it's likely that Kathleen didn't dilute the Borax properly or that had a specific allergy to the substance. However, just because it's safe for use in those applications does not mean it's safe to use for other purposes, such as making homemade slime, Consumer Reports told NBC News. All you need is water, glue, food coloring, and Borax and this colorful "slime" is what you get.

Kathleen Quinn, 11, landed in the hospital after attempting to make homemade slime at her house in Rockland, Massachusetts. If not washed off completely, the borax can then damage the underlying skin. "I feel like the worst mother". She will recover, but for now has to wear splints on her hands. It's worth noting that other recipes for homemade "slime" call for using corn starch or liquid starch, instead of Boric acid. D'Stephano said that the videos her daughter found on YouTube showing how to make slime bore no safety warnings. "We made it a million times too and nothing happened".

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