Priebus a central figure in Trump's White House drama

Posted March 31, 2017

Katie Walsh, the Deputy Chief of Staff in Donald Trump's White House, has left the administration just nine weeks in.

Walsh, a native of St. Louis, was not only second in command to Chief of Staff Reince Priebus but also served as his chief of staff on the presidential campaign, and with Sean Spicer was one of several campaign aides handpicked to join Priebus in the Trump administration.

It is reported she made a decision to join the group after the Trump-backed health care bill failed to amass enough support last week.

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Where Walsh is going, she'll find even more former campaign workers: America First Policies, which has been labeled "an embarrassment" by one political insider who spoke to Politico.

Another White House official said Walsh is not suspected of being the leaker in that case. All three believed that she is the right person to give the administration the "air cover" it so desperately needs - and has been missing thus far.

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America First Policies, Walsh's new organization, was established in January as an outside group to push President Trump's agenda, but has not engaged actively in advancing his policies.

It is unclear what the departure means for Preibus, whom some have blamed for Trump's early failures, including the collapse of the GOP health care plan. Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner added: "I'm very supportive of Katie and the sacrifices she's making" by leaving the White House.

Walsh has been a close ally of Priebus, serving as RNC chief of staff when Priebus was party chairman.

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