Republican Congressman Cancels Hearing About Trump's Ties With Russia

Posted April 02, 2017

Graham said Nunes' story was "a little bizarre" and compared it to an "Inspector Clouseau investigation".

President Donald Trump's spokesman, Sean Spicer, lashed out at reporters, claiming they're seeing conspiracies where none exist.

The plot appears simple: Moscow, aiming to damage the presidential prospects of Democrat Hillary Clinton, deployed hacked documents and misinformation to boost the campaign of rival Trump.

Nunes says that meeting didn't involve anyone from the Trump administration, but it would have been hard for him to have gotten into the White House without help from a staffer.

Nunes, R-Calif., has been the subject of growing scrutiny over the past week since he announced that members of President Donald Trump's transition team were incidentally caught up in surveillance by the USA intelligence community in November, December and January.

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It passed the House in the afternoon by a vote of 70-48 after fiery denunciations by some conservative and liberal members. Scott Stone, who lives in Charlotte, urged his colleagues to vote for the new bill. "This was the best deal we could get".

Asked whether Nunes should step aside and if he knew the source of information that Nunes revealed last week, Ryan said: "No and no".

The Steele report, which has not been substantiated and has been rejected by the White House as "fake news", lies at the heart of suspicions of collusion.

"Several current American officials identified the White House officials as Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council, and Michael Ellis, a lawyer who works on national security issues at the White House Counsel's Office and was previously counsel to Mr. Nunes's committee", The Times wrote. In an interview on CNN, he suggested the president's aides were unaware of the meeting.

Trump has used Nunes' revelations to defend his unproven claim that Barack Obama tapped phones at Trump Tower.

He said the chairmen and ranking members of the intelligence committees had requested the information as part of their probe into Russia's influence in last year's presidential election.

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Katie Walsh, the Deputy Chief of Staff in Donald Trump's White House, has left the administration just nine weeks in. Walsh has been a close ally of Priebus, serving as RNC chief of staff when Priebus was party chairman.

Sacked acting attorney-general Sally Yates. On Monday, several Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY, called for Nunes to step down as the head of the House Intelligence Committee.

In them, O'Neil pushes back against what he says is Justice Department guidance on what Yates could say about conversations she had with Trump - conversations the department indicated could be covered by executive privilege.

"We are aware that former AG Yates meant to speak on these matters, and sought permission from the White House to testify", Rep.

Nunes also fielded questions about Tuesday's cancellation of an open House hearing that was supposed to feature testimony from former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates about matters related to the Russian Federation probe. "We have no problem with her testifying". Flynn was ousted after those discrepancies were made public. SYRIA The United States' diplomatic policy on Syria for now is no longer focused on making the war-torn country's president, Bashar al-Assad, leave power, the US ambassador to the United Nations says, in a departure from the Obama administration's initial and public stance on Assad's fate.

The White House said Thursday it was inviting the top-ranking lawmakers on the House and Senate intelligence committees to view materials it said had been uncovered in the course of looking into President Donald Trump's claims he'd been surveilled by the Obama administration.

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House Speaker Paul Ryan reiterated his support for Nunes, and Nunes himself said all of the controversy was standard for Washington. "I think he would like to get it done".