South Korea allows soccer team to compete in North Korea

Posted April 03, 2017

"This is a product of eight years of the Obama administration's policy - what they called Strategic Patience, which is a synonym of doing nothing - during that time the North Koreans detonated four of the nuclear tests", Bolton said. "And if they do that will be very good for China, and if they don't it won't be good for anyone", Trump was quoted as saying, according to an edited transcript published by the newspaper. In the first instance, crafting an alternative leadership in the Kim Jong-nam mold would be a constructive first step in the development of a North Korean government in exile.

China provides an estimated $7 billion in aid to North Korea each year.

"This is a time", Detrani said, "for the Trump administration to be proactive with a North Korea that's quickly approaching a point where there, they will become an existential threat to the United States as they now are to our allies South Korea and Japan and the region".

The relationship between the United States and China has been uncertain since Trump's election.

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The US Treasury hit 11 North Korean business representatives and an industrial firm with sanctions today, seeking to further isolate the country's economy for pursuing nuclear weapons.

The US measures on Friday block any property those on the sanctions list may have in the United States and bar Americans from dealing with them. Another test is expected in the near future; however, it is impossible to predict with any accuracy when a North Korean nuclear test will occur.

This year, Pyongyang has fired several missiles, and United States defense officials told CNN that North Korea might be able to use a rocket engine it tested last month in an intercontinental ballistic missile.

US-based analysts have warned that North Korea appears to be preparing a new nuclear test.

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It is not clear whether Trump's comments will move China, which has taken steps to increase economic pressure on Pyongyang but has long been unwilling to do anything that may destabilize the North and send millions of refugees across their border. The drill is part of the annual joint exercise Foal Eagle to enhance the combat readiness of the US and South Korea supporting forces in defense of the Korean Peninsula.

Recent satellite imagery shows heightened activity around the North Portal of the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site. It also assigns the executive authority to regard the purchasing or acquisition of North Korean food, farming, fishing, and textile products or the provision of telephone, telegraph, and other communications services to North Korea as subject to sanctions.

In addition to the deployment of nuclear weapons on one of its short-to-medium-range missiles capable of striking South Korea or Japan - where tens of thousands of US service members are deployed - there's worry about the KN08. But analysts agree that North Korea is determined to make progress on its nuclear and missile programs.

"We are indicating to the administration that they already have important tools at their disposal", the Republican lawmaker from California told VOA on Thursday, when asked what the Trump administration should do to counter the nuclear threat.

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Former defence secretary Ash Carter, however, said he doubted that Beijing will co-operate. He even said military options would be "on the table" if the provocation escalates.