Thousands fail background checks for Uber, Lyft

Posted April 06, 2017

US judge temporarily blocks Seattle's first-in-the-nation law allowing drivers of ride-hailing companies to unionize.

It comes after the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a small group of drivers sued the city over the law.

The chamber pursued the court order with urgency, arguing that the Teamsters union has demanded that it turn over a confidential list of contracted drivers for Uber, Lyft and the dispatch service Eastside for Hire unionize them.

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The chamber said the city's law violates federal antitrust and labor law. In his ruling, Lasnik wrote the decision to grant a preliminary injunction was not an indication of how he would ultimately decide the case.

"Although there is no trade secret protections or confidentiality attached to this basic identifying information, the Court finds that forcing the driver coordinators to disclose their most active and productive drivers is likely to cause competitive injury that can not be repaired once the lists are released", Lasnik wrote. Uber and Lyft have argued that the rules could imperil drivers' flexible work schedules and, moreover, aren't something workers want.

Lasnik said the chamber had raised "serious questions that deserve careful, rigorous judicial attention, not a fast-tracked rush to judgment based on a date that has no extrinsic importance". City Attorney Pete Holmes said the city will continue its efforts to defeat the lawsuits.

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The lawsuits claimed that the law classified independent contractors as employees of the company and the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) does not extend the eligibility to unionize and bargain to independent contractors.

"What we've seen in this industry highlights this continual erosion of what so many folks believe are the rights of workers in this country", O'Brien said. The American taxpayers should not have to subsidize my health care. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

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