Louis C.K. has absolutely torn Donald Trump's presidency apart

Posted April 07, 2017

In the video above, Colbert brings up the time Louis took to his email list to warn his fans about the dangers of a Trump presidency.

If you're thinking that you've heard this one before you're not wrong, because back in October of a year ago comedian Louis C.K. did talk about a rather memorable encounter with the Donald at a Trump casino in Atlantic City (HERE).

Louis CK says he regrets comparing President Trump to Hitler, but he's not taking it back.

"Don't you just want God to just show up and say 'I was just kidding. Doesn't it mean it's not true", the Newton-bred comic told Stephen Colbert Tuesday night.

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Then Colbert asked C.K. how his appraisal of the president has changed since that email last May.

"Right now, I guess he's not as profound as I thought he was", C.K. said.

"He's just a gross, crook, dirty, rotten, lying sack of s-", said C.K., earning strong support from the crowd.

"Then you have a liar, somebody who it's nearly like a problem, they lie a lot".

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"Someones people lie", Louis went on.

"Like there's liars. Sometimes people lie". "Then you have a liar - nearly like a problem; they can't help it, they lie a lot". He also said that even though he loved former President Barack Obama, he also took a number of decisions that the country should not be proud of.

"Then you have just a lying sack of s-", he added. He goes, 'Heh heh, it wasn't even true. They just lie. They like it.

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