Kushner Left Meetings With Russians Off Security Clearance Application

Posted April 08, 2017

It all comes as the President has begun openly questioning the makeup of his senior staff as he looks for a win that could reboot his presidency.

But the chief strategist called rumors that he was ready to leave "100 percent nonsense". But he refused and the President, known for valuing loyalty, rewarded him with the position of chief of staff.

Bannon and Priebus did not immediately respond to the Journal's requests for comment.

As Trump sat for dinner Thursday with his Chinese counterpart in an ornately frescoed dining room a Mar-a-Lago with the fresh divides seizing the White House staff on full display.

If you're still with us, a little background on the conflict: Bannon is the former Breitbart executive whose role as the president's chief strategist generally involves encouraging his most grotesque impulses.

Kushner's lawyer described the omissions as an error and his aides say that he is compiling supplemental material to share with the F.B.I.

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And when the White House released a photo of Trump being briefed after the strikes, Twitter was quick to notice that Bannon didn't have a seat at the table. Bannon just suffered the indignity of a high-profile demotion and appears to be losing power to Jared Kushner while Priebus's name has been floated as a potential early exit since practically day one.

But Kushner, Trump's loyal son-in-law, is getting all the prime White House assignments these days, as well as central seating in the president's National Security briefing on Thursday's USA military air strikes against a Syrian air field.

But his standing in Trump's inner-circle has been diminished.

The Senate Intelligence Committee announced in late March that it is planning to question Kushner about the meetings with Kislyak and the bank head as part of its broader investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the possibility that Trump's associates colluded with Russia. He actually said 'cuck, ' as in "cuckservative, '" the administration official told The Daily Beast.

In turn, Bannon has also reportedly been highly critical of Kushner.

Bannon deemed reports that he recently threatened to quit "ridiculous".

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The White House is increasingly frustrated by the never-ending stream of stories about palace intrigue, warring internal factions and imminent staff shake-ups.

Kushner and Steve Bannon were close.

And yet Kushner, who is truly his duplicitous father's son, did what NY real estate developers do.

That was a departure from his so-called "America First" policy, which was championed by Bannon. The official also said Bannon was there to "de-operationalize" the NSC, an apparent jab at Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice.

Kushner was meeting with worldwide coalition forces in Iraq as Bannon was bumped down the NSC ladder.

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