Kendall Jenner, Post-Pepsi Backlash, Returns Home

Posted April 10, 2017

Pepsi pulled the ad a day later (05Apr17) following a public outcry it was trivialising civil rights and protest movements to sell a soft drink.

In the sketch, the spot's director (cast member Beck Bennett) discusses the commercial with his unseen sister while they speak on the phone.

The commercial features Kendall Jenner and was called tone deaf and was said to undermine social movements such as Black Lives Matter. Pepsi's alignment with Jenner for this spot was likely created to breathe new life into the brand by making it relevant to a new generation of consumers - many of whom identity with Kendall Jenner's persona and aspire to be like her.

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Pepsi announced Wednesday that the company has chose to pull the ad.

'And they get to these police officers, and you think its going to go bad cause there's like a stand off and then.

He's on set, receives a call from his sister and excitedly explains this wonderful advertisement he came up with.

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Someone took the Pepsi commercial and mixed it with the famous glasses effect from the 1988 science fiction classic They Live, to reveal the ugly truth behind the now infamous sugar water ad.

After Doug and Carrie tell Bennet's character what a terrible idea the commercial is, he does what Pepsi probably should've done-he asks a black person for feedback. In March, Kendall Jenner's home was reportedly burgled by someone she knows. He asks her to put "Doug" on the phone, who tells him the exact same thing, and then he asks for a black neighbor, who is no more defensive of his position. TMZ says the SFPD never gave Pepsi permission to use their logo.

The commercial has been accused of trivialising a serious issue by some of its online critics, but Pepsi has defended the advert, saying it carries an "important message". "I know. It's cute, right?"

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However, these adverts aren't the first time a big brand has left a sour taste in people's mouths with advertising that seemed to miss the mark.