Chief Keef Reportedly Arrested In Miami

Posted April 13, 2017

Chief Keef was arrested this past weekend when police in Miami, Florida stopped the rapper and his friends for what appeared to be a marijuana transaction.

Cozart was charged with DUI after he "he did not perform to standard" on his sobriety test, an officer wrote.

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"According to the police report, police witnessed passenger Cortez McElrath get out of Keef" s vehicle and walk over to a grey Altima to hand over "a bag with a green leafy substance".

While Keef was charged with DUI, 4 others were charged with misdemeanor and possession of weed. Devante Reaves, who was a passenger in the Altima, was also charged with marijuana possession and had an outstanding warrant. Police put McElrath in handcuffs and held Chief Keef at Tazer-point until they could conduct a search of both cars.

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Sizzurp-also known as Lean or Purple Drank, is a mixture of prescription cough syrup containing codeine and soda, sometimes with a jolly rancher thrown in for maximum "fun".

"It's OK, when you find weed in my urine, I'll just get my attorney to get my marijuana card", he reportedly told officers, the Herald reports. Adding, "You'll find weed in me". He was apparently released later in the day, according to different Instagram videos, which shows him and others outside of the police station. The rapper was also arrested in January this year for breaking and entering the house of producer Ramsay Tha Great and assaulting him.

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