New Burger King ad wants an assist from Google Home

Posted April 13, 2017

In the ad, embedded in a Buzzfeed story, a fresh-faced young burger slinger says the 15-second spot isn't long enough to "explain all the fresh ingredients in the Whopper sandwich", but then he says he has an idea. For their device could come to life and offer the Wikipedia description of a Whopper. Here's the ad, and if you want to experience it fully, we suggest you turn your volume up so that Google Home - or your Pixel, for that matter - is triggered.

The there was this Pixel commercial, where a Pixel user says "Ok Google, show me Korean restaurants in Boulder".

We can only assume that in using the word "guests" he also means the millions of people with compatible devices that wouldn't choose to eat a Whopper for said King's ransom. In this case, it was Burger King's chance to tell the tale of its flame-broiled Whopper.

Burger King's new ad is an interesting and very modern commercial, even if it only briefly worked as intended.

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This is not the first time that television broadcasts have triggered voice devices at home.

Burger King's stunt is in contrast to the 2001 Xbox One commercial that accidentally turned on people's consoles when the phrase was uttered by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. The line was first added by someone with the username "Fermachado123", which appears to be the username of Burger King's marketing chief, Fernando Machado.

A press representative for the company stopped responding when asked about the edit.

Pepsi has dominated the headlines over the last week for having the country's most irritating and offensive TV advertisement, but Burger King has now taken the mantle with an ad that includes a command to wake up voice-activated Google Home devices.

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Wikipedia's editors, who are committed to ensuring the site isn't co-opted for advertising purposes, immediately reverted the entry to the more straightforward definition that existed before.

That's the problem with relying on Wikipedia: anyone can edit entries on the website.

Those risks will certainly make for an interesting, if frustrating, ad campaign.

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