Ban, Begum Jaan and bigotry

Posted April 15, 2017

A band of women armed with rifles is fiercely defending its shelter, a brothel, which figures as the bone of contention in partitioning India and Pakistan in undivided Punjab.

A little over four months after Kahaani 2 [December 2016], Vidya Balan's next film Begum Jaan is set to hit the screens. Next, they are shooting in the dark in a losing battle.Be assured, this review is bereft of spoilers. The.

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Srijit Mukherji's "Begum Jaan" is a Hindi remake of his earlier Bengali film "Rajkahini", about a stubborn brothel keeper caught in the tumultuous aftermath of the partition of India in 1947. The film makers were told that it is the government policy as far as films on partition are concerned.

The only one who seems to be totally in synch with the jerky heightened silliness of the enterprise is Chunky Pandey who plays a creepy bad guy, hired to get rid of the pesky prostitutes: if they won't go quietly, they will have to be forced out. Vidya Balan in the title role, as expected, is impressive and effortlessly convincing. Begum Jaan is one of her great performances, no doubt, and she delivers it knock-out, especially in her scenes with Naseeruddin Shah, as the king, . There's a world of difference between that delightfully poignant classic film and this trying so hard to be deep and meaningful mish mash of a film. Not every man is a "three-legged bakra" like Begum Jaan believes, and not every man wants to rape girls. No wonder even perfectly fine actors end up overdoing things. The film shows its protagonist, Vidya Balan, in the role of a brothel madam. Most of the films these days come alive with the ensemble than the leads. Throughout the first day, Begum Jaan movie witnessed occupancy in the range of 20% to 40%.

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On the whole, BEGUM JAAN has curiosity-value and shock-value, both. Apart from the powerful performances, Begum Jaan has a unique storyline. The moderate costing of the film should also ensure smooth sailing for its investors. Readers may be aware that Begum Jaan talks about the courageous fight put by women in a brothel to save their shelter that becomes the target of corrupt, manipulative, selfish and greedy politicians and is set during the 1947 Partition era.

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