Uber App Would Add Tipping Option Under Changes Considered By City

Posted April 18, 2017

New York City wants to make it easier for Uber drivers to earn a bit more money in tips. The ride-hail giant claimed drivers in NY made more than $90,000 a year, but the agency found the median income of drivers there is $29,000 less than that. "We thank Chairman Joshi and the commission for holding Uber to the same standard as the rest of the industry on tipping and look forward to working together on further reforms to protect our city's working drivers". "That's why, in New York City, we partnered with the Machinists Union to make sure current and future Uber NYC drivers have a stronger voice and launched a series of new tools and support policies for drivers", Uber said. Some 41% of respondents say close proximity to the server/cashier while entering a tip amount would make them more likely to tip, the 2015 Software Advice study found.

The TLC's action on tipping rules comes after the commission held its biannual hearing on for-hire driver earnings earlier this month. The industry-wide rule would require that For-Hire Vehicle bases allow passengers to tip based on their accepted payment methods. On Monday, regulators in New York City said they plan to begin writing a rule that would require the ride-hail giant to offer an in-app tipping option. The entire process would be handled with a few taps of an app, paid through a credit card, without an obligation to tip. IDG is the only organized group of drivers that meets regularly with Uber management to advocate for drivers. At the same time, Uber slashed fares, while taking 25% of each fare as commission. "But, if I don't get a cab, I will take my own auto to office", said Gulshan Raheja, a resident of Punjabi Bagh, who works at Connaught Place. He cited his experience with picking up trips via Lyft. The Delhi High Court, after hearing Uber's plea, passed an interim order restraining anyone, including two taxi drivers' unions, from "hampering" and interfering with the running of app-based cabs of Uber India. It also mentioned the possibility of bias entering into the picture, meaning that riders would tip more to certain people, and less to others.

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Uber passengers always have the option to leave a cash tip, but many choose not to because they don't have cash on them or simply because they aren't encouraged to.

Guild member Luiny Tavares said that he drives for Uber as well as Lyft, and that through Lyft's tipping feature he nearly always makes back the company's 25 percent cut of his fares.

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Instead, we got BS features like "driver compliments," in which riders could send quirky compliments ("great conversation!") to drivers beyond leaving them a starred rating. Uber agreed to the terms, but a judge later rejected the settlement as being not generous enough to drivers. What's more, the Lyft app includes the ability to put that tip on your credit card, but Uber's app is still tip-less.

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