United to pay compensation to plane passengers

Posted April 19, 2017

Flight 3411, of course, has been at the center of news headlines since Sunday, when Chicago airport security officials forcefully dragged a man off the plane.

He was removed because the airline overbooked the flight - a common practice in which airlines sell too many tickets with the assumption that some people will not show up for a flight or that other customers will volunteer to depart later.

When Dao is informed that he will be dragged off the flight, he threatens to sue United Airlines.

Facebook/Audra DickersonA new video obtained by People Magazine shows an exchange the police had with the passenger they dragged off a United Airlines flight.

In an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" aired Wednesday, the chief executive of United Airlines said the carrier will no longer ask police to remove passengers from full flights.

"With United, the customer is always last", Christie said.

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The law, contained in the United's Contract of Carriage, permits the airline to deal with overbookings, but only by denying boarding to some passengers, not removing those who have already boarded.

Leaders of a key Senate committee have asked United Airlines and Chicago airport authorities to explain what led to the incident, saying United's explanation "has been unsatisfactory, and appears to underestimate the public anger about this incident".

Dr Dao's lawyers on Wednesday filed court papers seeking to have United Airlines and the city of Chicago keep all evidence related to the case in a sign that further legal action may be pending.

"I tell you, I hear these stories over and over again at Newark International Airport about how terrible united treats their customers", said Christie, a former federal prosecutor who previously headed President Donald Trump's transition team. He can't be. He was a paying passenger sitting on our seat in our aircraft and no one should be treated that way.

"I'm not going." Dao says.

About 40,000 passengers were involuntarily bumped from flights at the biggest carriers past year, meaning they were reassigned after the familiar back-and-forth of gate agents calling out voucher amounts and asking for volunteers.

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Alderman Mike Zalewski says he does not know who will represent the airline before the city council's Aviation Committee.

Dao also tells officers he'd rather go to jail than willingly leave the plane. When nobody volunteered, the airline selected passengers at random. Munoz said in a letter to employees that the airline offered $1,000.

Three Aviation Department police officers got on the plane.

Dao reportedly remains in a Chicago hospital while he recovers from his injuries.

"Currently, (Dr Dao and his family) are focused only on Dr Dao's medical care and treatment", Chicago-based lawyer Stephen Golan said in a statement on Tuesday.

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