Nintendo to discontinue NES Classic: Is SNES Classic on horizon?

Posted April 20, 2017

Nintendo is set to launch another retro refresh following the success of the NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini).

The report comes from Eurogamer, whose sources claimed that "development of the devices is already underway" and that Nintendo plans to release it before Christmas. There's no reason Nintendo couldn't treat these memory lane gizmos as Disney has handled home video versions of its classic films, often putting years between rereleases. Speaking with the outlet Nintendo said, "Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year", the platform holder said.

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Hundreds of thousands of units of the NES Classic were sold across the globe, but it appears that the mini-console's time has come to an end. With a few simple mods, gamers had the NES Classic Edition running titles from the SNES, Genesis, and even N64. However, Nintendo chose not to make enough of them initially, then chose not to react to that demand, and then took the head-scratching decision to discontinue the product last week. The SNES had one of the most rich libraries of any console in history.

SNES Classic Mini Games - What will we get to play?

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No SNES Classic release date is available at this time, though Eurogamer says Nintendo is planning to release it before Christmas. We can nearly forgive Nintendo for underestimating the demand of the NES Classic Edition, but there is no excuse for a repeat disappointment (for gamers) this time around.

Soon after its release, the console became a hit and was one of the hottest gifts past year. Nintendo sure does know how to pluck on that nostalgia chord pretty hard, and for the most part, people respond. Now Nintendo has discontinued the NES Classic in Europe as well. According to reports today, Nintendo will be launching a SNES Mini in its place. Fans will cry foul if a golf game winds up on this device but Chrono Trigger doesn't.

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