What Games Should Be on the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition?

Posted April 22, 2017

The recent update will be a big blow for folks who have yet to get hold of a Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition.

Sources confirmed to EuroGamer that Nintendo will indeed release the SNES Classic during the latter part of 2017, meaning it'll be here just in time for the holiday season.

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On the other hand, Nintendo recently discontinued the Mini NES despite evidence of continuing huge demand that hasn't been satisfied by the paltry supply Nintendo rolled out to stores. So when Nintendo announced the platform, I planned to snap one up immediately. The Japanese firm has officially confirmed that they are in fact, discontinuing NES Classic Edition, nearly everywhere. Don't console - excuse the pun - us with a handful of games, think about adding features like Wi-Fi, more storage options, and access to a retro storefront with quality content?

If the Nintendo NES Classic Mini console was unique for being the company's first home console and it was able to bring Nintendo's name back on the map upon its release previous year, its cousin the SNES Mini should reportedly have a better software lineup and could include more games, most likely around 50 compared with the NES Classic's 30. However, most may have forgotten that the resurrection of the famed 1986 game console was expected to be done on a limited basis. Regardless, the 16-bit platform housed many classics, and giving people another method to re-experience them is an exciting prospect.

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This would also give Nintendo some fresh buzz alongside the Switch heading into Christmas, and here's hoping they could work out the design kinks from the NES Classic with round two (namely, those maddeningly short controller cords).

Grieving the departure of the NES mini? well a mini version of the SNES is well on its way to fill that nostalgia-laden hole in your heart. Of course, we don't know which games Nintendo will choose to release with their new console, but we have all the faith in the gaming legends.

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