First 4K and Upscaled Game Images Revealed for Xbox Project Scorpio

Posted April 28, 2017

One set of images, taken on both a standard Xbox One and a Scorpio unit, shows a woman in some sort of futuristic, steampunk library.

The Xbox Project Scorpio is technically an upgrade to Microsoft's own Xbox One S, as well as to PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim.

From left to right: 1080p on Xbox One, 1080p on Scorpio, 4K on Scorpio. While the difference isn't quite as dramatic, it looks like you'll still enjoy better overall clarity even if you don't upgrade to a 4K TV for Scorpio. Considering that this particular game is a Play Anywhere title, gamers can buy it for PC through the Microsoft Store and use it on the Xbox One.

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Interestingly, the 8GB of memory - which is up from the 5GB found in the original Xbox One - allows the console to process art assets, making it easier to run 4K resolution visuals at higher speeds.

Finally, try disconnecting from Xbox Live from the Wi-Fi settings in order to put the Xbox One into offline mode, then reboot the console. To close the gap between itself and the PS4, Microsoft will need to demonstrate games that run so obviously better on its platform, they make investing in an Xbox Scorpio (or whatever they call it) a good investment, even for buyers who already have a PS4.

Phil Spencer talked about Xbox One Project Scorpio and how the development of the console started. However, it's also cheaper than what many were expecting considering how much powerful Project Scorpio is supposed to be. For Scorpio owners, this hopefully means significantly better in-game textures.

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We expect devs to do some wonderful things with Microsoft's new 4K Xbox, and Microsoft will no-doubt showcase some impressive surprises at E3 2017. The idea would build on the episodic model used most famously by Telltale Games and last year's Hitman, allowing developers to build upon a stable base provided by an initial release, supported by the funding provided by subscriptions.

Much of this improvement remains visible when rendered at 1080p. The second demo was created to showcase what developers can do if they want to make Scorpio-specific enhancements to their game.

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