End VIP culture, every person is important: PM

Posted May 01, 2017

"Generally speaking, in our country there exists an atmosphere of disdain towards VIP culture".

The Centre took a decision against using red beacons. The red beacons were one of the important components of the VIP culture, and in recent times, many politicians and bureaucrats were using it as a show of power and status symbol. Now, red beacons in people's heads also need to go.

Seeking to change the mindset of VIP culture, the Prime Minister said, "Although the "lal batti" is gone, nobody can claim that because of this, the VIP culture which has gone into the mindset would have also gone".

However Red beacons will be allowed on vehicles dealing with an emergency in relief services, ambulance, and fire services. "If we collectively strive to do it with eternal vigilance, it surely can be flushed out", he said.

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"The Prime Minister said his government's concept of "New India" is that instead of "VIP", importance to "EPI" culture should increase". Every person has value and importance.

"If we recognise the importance of 123 crore citizens of the country, imagine the big strength that the country will have in fulfilling the grand dreams. We have to do this together". It was reported that five categories would be exempted from the ban - the President, the Vice President, the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of India and the Lok Sabha Speaker.

In his address to the nation, PM Modi said that our country is filled with talented people as we come across such wide spectrum of information.

Modi went on to speak about the sparrow conservation efforts of the Bohra Muslim community.

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"Nearly 52 thousand bird feeders were distributed in every nook and corner of the world".

Addressing students, Modi suggested certain tips about how to utilize vacation.

If the new member does three transactions, performs financial business thrice, you stand to earn ten rupees for that. Try to experience something that you have neither heard before, nor seen, nor thought of and yet there is a curiosity in your mind. He said, they must try new places, new experiences and new skills.

The Prime Minister said that the satellite launch is an example of the government's maxim of "sabkasaath, sabkavikas" and it is not limited to just the confines of India. Both Gujarat and Maharashtra have contributed greatly to Indias development.

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