Ohio police officer suffers fentanyl OD from drug call

Posted May 17, 2017

The drug can be absorbed through the skin, and Green passed out an hour later.

Police arrested both the driver and passenger in the vehicle, identified as 25-year-old Justin Buckle, of East Liverpool, and 24-year-old Cortez Collins, of Cleveland, and searched the vehicle.

A police report said while an officer had the man at gunpoint still inside the auto, he began using his foot to rub a white powder into the carpet.

Patrolman Green reportedly followed protocol for handling drugs and wore gloves and a mask while patting down Buckle and searching the suspects' auto for evidence.

An Ohio police officer had to be revived with multiple doses of an opioid antidote after he accidentally overdosed on the potentially lethal drug fentanyl during a traffic stop.

Four doses of Narcan later, the next thing Green recalls is waking up in the hospital.

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Green is said to be doing well.

The drug is also threatening the safety of police and first responders. "The last thing I think I remember is falling backwards into the door", Green recounted.

Green is now recovering at home and will return to work when he feels better, wfmj.com reports.

Fentanyl and Carfentnyl contain a substance used in elephant tranquilizers. People are mixing fentanyl with heroin and other drugs - increasing the likelihood of accidental overdose.

Police say that Collins and Buckle told them that the white powder was cocaine, but when they field tested the substance it came back negative.

Officer Green used the correct precautions while searching the vehicle.

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"[Drugs] are not only killing the people willing to shove it into their own veins, now they're killing people like me and my family", Green told the Morning Journal newspaper. "All you have to do is walk into any room, flip it in the air, and people are going to start dropping out", Wright says.

"He's lying on the couch", Lane said. The drug's high potency makes it especially risky, with a high risk for overdose, particularly if a user is unaware the drug they are taking has been mixed with fentanyl. He wants to continue to catch drug suspects like he did Friday.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate 100 times more powerful than heroin now causing devastation throughout communities in North America.

Buckel, the suspect in the East Liverpool case, was arrested and faces felony drug charges.

Wright added that the incident is an example of how the drug epidemic has forced officers to change aspects of their jobs.

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