Cheryl Breaks Her Social Media Silence Two Months After Giving Birth

Posted May 20, 2017

The 23-year-old singer admitted that one of the things he made a decision to change when he found out about the pregnancy was to get rid of his nicotine habit.

Taking to her Instagram account just three days after welcoming him to the world, Cheryl shared a cute snap of Liam holding her son into his chest.

Cheryl has broken her silence on motherhood by informing fans that she, manfriend Liam Payne, and son Bear are "doing great".

Meanwhile, although Cheryl has remained tight lipped on her life as a new mother since the arrival of Bear, Liam couldn't wait to start gushing about his new bundle of joy and revealed earlier this month that it was his partner who picked out the little one's unusual moniker.

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He told United Kingdom radio station KISS FM on Wednesday (17.05.17): "I actually wanted Arthur".

Alongside the snap, she wrote, 'On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly lovely, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream. One of the hosts then joked the singer had actually relocated to California just so he could be near the popular eatery, prompting him to quip, "Yeah, exactly".

'My life's not my own anymore, now, it's not mine to decide, so smoking had to go'. Which is hard. I thought that I'd get the call saying, we need a nanny for this, but no, she's doing everything.

He told KISS FM, "At this stage as a dad, you're in a bit of a whirlwind".

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"As a man, night feeds are kind of pointless at times, because, as a woman you're so connected to a baby, it's something that a man just does not have".

Her devoted fans went into a frenzy over Cheryl's tweet with one writing: "Omg I love you". She's really pushing herself with it, bless her. "We haven't really fit it with any song yet but, I mean, there's a chance of it".

'She said she was having a row with Simon because he should have stood up for somebody else, so she didn't stand up for me. "You have that super power as a woman, where your heartbeats are in even in sync".

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