Christy Clark to stay on as B.C

Posted May 31, 2017

NDP leader John Horgan announced Monday they reached a support agreement with the three-member B.C. Green party.

"Wow, what a race, what a contest, what an election campaign, and how excited are we today?"

The utilities commission is responsible for issuing certificates of public convenience and necessity on public utility projects, however, a previous BC Liberal government exempted Site C from BCUC scrutiny when it passed the Clean Energy Act in 2010.

The Greens and NDP have supported a system of proportional representation that accounts for the number of seats each party gets in the legislature based on their percentage of the popular vote.

The announcement comes a day after the BC NDP and the BC Green Party declared they intend to work together and form a minority government. That will give them a majority of one in the 87-seat legislature. But that in itself doesn't mean a coalition government. However, with only 44 seats (with Green support), and the necessity of appointing a speaker and a committee of the whole chair, the NDP would have 42 seats to the Liberals' 43.

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The Green Party and NDP share similar ideas, such as raising carbon taxes and taxing housing speculators, and their alliance is likely to cloud the outlook for the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion.

The agreement binds the Greens and NDP to vote together on budget and confidence motions for four years.

While the book on Clark's reign as B.C.'s 35th premier may now mostly be written, as with any tale, the final chapter greatly influences how we remember it. "With the B.C. NDP, I find a partner that will actually position British Columbia in the new economy, create distributed jobs from north to south to east to west in a bottom-up fashion, putting people first".

But in an open letter to The Vancouver Sun, several professors of constitutional law, led by David Robitaille of the University of Ottawa, argued that while provinces cannot stop pipelines from crossing their territory, they can "impose conditions on interprovincial companies to protect the environment and the safety and health of their communities".

"BC could step in and say it's clearly flawed", he said. Our agreement to support a B.C. NDP government is an important aspect of collaboration in this new political era, but cross-partisan work is not limited to it.

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"There was no majority of vote to one party".

That test will come as early as next month, she said.

Both the NDP and the Green Parties championed a move to a proportional representation electoral system during their campaigns this year, but differed on how it should be implemented.

Horgan has also expressed reservations about a $27 billion liquefied natural gas terminal that Malaysia's Petronas wants to build in northern British Columbia.

When the Green Party was formed in Canada in 1983, it was the first Green Party in North America. "And to her credit, she's a fighter, she's often a victor, and she's a good politician".

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The Canadian environmental movement's base has always been in British Columbia, whose residents, like Californians, have a higher-than-usual interest in environmental issues. He has been urged on many fronts to halt the dam, both from environmentalists and local landowners, as well as former NDP premier Mike Harcourt, who oppose the project over its costs and impacts to indigenous treaty rights and productive valley farmland. But she represents part of British Columbia in Parliament because the electoral district was seen as the most likely in the country to elect a Green candidate.