3 challenges Tesla faces as shareholders meet

Posted June 08, 2017

Musk says the Model Y will "hit the roads" sometime in 2019, but with the Model 3 fast approaching and the Tesla semi truck on the horizon, the Model Y hasn't gotten a lot of ink.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told investors this news on Tuesday, though he confirmed that this would only be for "initial production". It's really an incredible product, but it has way too many cool things in it that really should have been rolled in with version 2, version 3.

Demand for Tesla's higher-end auto is likely to continue to soften, longer-term the company's profitability will likely underwhelm, and Tesla's other business lines won't move the profit needle within the next three years, if ever, wrote the analysts, led by Brad Erickson.

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However, The Verge believes it will be "a crossover... sized smaller than a Model X but bigger than the Model 3".

To better mark, the difference between the Tesla Model 3 - Broadcast Electric Vehicle - and the Model S Sedan, the Palo Alto manufacturer has published a table comparing their characteristics. It's probably just whichever designer Tesla assigns to do the promo images, or it could be an indicator of how far along into the concept/ prototype design phase the company is.

'Otherwise you're just trying to shoehorn something in that doesn't make sense'.

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For the new platform Tesla is set to switch from a 12-volt lead-acid battery structure to a new system, which is said to reduce wiring and improve production efficiency.

Musk didn't doubt that injuries do happen at Tesla's factory, but said the company is making progress in reducing the number of employees who do get hurt while doing their jobs. This will allow them to optimize the vehicle, and design more efficient manufacturing lines. Since you're taking so long to answer, we'll decide for you. Moreover, the analysts said they have not found the "consumer confusion" - customers deciding between a Model S or a Model 3 - that Tesla has talked about.

Musk said Tesla planned to add two and maybe three new directors next month or the following month.

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Tesla will build 10 gigafactories, or as many as 20 gigafactories in the future.