Cosby prosecutor fights release of juror names

Posted June 20, 2017

As many know, and as Salon indicated, Cosby's trial for sexual assault charges featured a limited defense, as Cosby's team only called one witness to the stand.

The trial against Bill Cosby ended Saturday, when a deadlocked jury was unable to reach a verdict on three counts of aggravated indecent assault after several days of deliberations.

In a retrial, District Attorney Kevin Steele could ask the judge to allow testimony from more of Cosby's 60 accusers, or to disclose to jurors that Constand is gay.

I, for one, certainly very much appreciate Oliver's thoughtful commentary and analysis of many issues on Last Week Tonight.

Cosby is one lucky guy. Cosby said in that decade-old testimony that he had given Constand a non-prescription allergy medication, Benadryl, to relax her because she said she was stressed. "She's a very spiritual woman, she believes things happen for a goal, and I think the objective is ... it should encourage other women to come forward and have their day in court".

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Prosecutors plan to retry Cosby.

A decade later, another district attorney reopened the investigation after Cosby's lurid testimony about drugs and sex became public, and dozens of women came forward against one of the most beloved stars in all of show business.

She filed a lawsuit that Cosby settled for an undisclosed sum. It was as if we all chose to undergo a massive case of cultural amnesia at once, shrugging off the case with little public outcry. The jurors' names haven't been made public and the split on the vote hasn't been disclosed, shrouding the case in mystery.

NY defence lawyer Harvey Fishbein noted Cosby's lawyers had shown fewer of their cards, resting without calling any witnesses.

"Mr. Cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comment".

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It was a stunning development - and a momentary victory - for the 79-year-old pioneering black entertainer who risked spending the rest of his life in prison if convicted of assaulting former university employee Andrea Constand at his Philadelphia home 13 years ago.

NBC and Netflix ditched projects involving him while TV Land removed reruns of "The Cosby Show" from its programming schedule. And social media gave a voice to people who might have been overlooked before. Both men are powerful, and, in both cases, absolute power prevailed absolutely.

And even though Donald Trump was elected president after audio surfaced of him seeming to admit to sexually harassing women, it was perhaps the biggest speedbump in his campaign - the only scandal that looked like it might actually reduce his popularity with his base. Some of these people grew up watching Bill Cosby. The comic's words advising young people to pull up their trousers and stop committing petty crimes as an antidote to persistent inequality reminded me of my parents' generation and their approach to survival in an often racist world. "They can analyse everything in light of what they know now and probably put on a stronger case", Bloom said. Numerous women have formed a bond.

Troiani acknowledged the difficulty of the case, given the passage of time and the impact of the alleged drugging on Constand's ability to recall details. But in a world where money, power and celebrity still buy exemption from quite a lot of rules, a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion may be the best outcome possible.

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