Instagram Stories Pass Snapchat in Daily Users

Posted June 21, 2017

Last month, Snapchat said it had 166 million daily active users in its first investors report since going public in March. Snapchat had 158 million daily users by the end of 2016, and recent third-party estimates suggest that the company may reveal little additional growth, or perhaps even a usage decline, when it releases its Q2 earnings in August.

Cosby prosecutor fights release of juror names
It was as if we all chose to undergo a massive case of cultural amnesia at once, shrugging off the case with little public outcry. NBC and Netflix ditched projects involving him while TV Land removed reruns of "The Cosby Show" from its programming schedule.

New statistics reveal that the ephemeral messaging app has taken a major hit in user engagement while arch-rival, Instagram has recorded a 50 million user increase between April and now.

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On Thursday, the North fired several short-range anti-ship cruise missiles from its east coast in defiance of worldwide sanctions. The missile was believed to be a Scud-class ballistic missile and flew about 450 km (280 miles), South Korean officials said.

Instagram Stories is picking up steam. That's a meaningful chunk of the 700 million monthly active users (MAUs) that the broader photo/video sharing service now boasts. And when watching your own replay, the number of viewers will include everyone who saw it live and in stories.

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Justice Department rules prohibit the dismissal of a special counsel without cause. Mueller was the Federal Bureau of Investigation director from 2001 to 2013.

Facebook loves to tout these big user growth milestones, but the significance here is that Instagram's version of Stories appears to be growing faster than it was at the beginning of the year. It also means that Stories' daily audience growth has picked up its pace as Snapchat's own daily audience growth struggles to surpass single-digit percentages. Visit for more information on this news. If you said or did something embarrassing in the video, no worries: just press "Discard" and your video will disappear from the app, just like normal. The new feature allows users' friends or followers to catch up the moments they missed.