Empty NYC transit bus rolls down street, hits church, cars

Posted June 22, 2017

A runaway MTA bus rolled for blocks down a Brooklyn street, hitting almost a dozen parked cars and a church early Wednesday and sending one man who had been changing a tire leaping out of the way to save his life, officials said.

The ten damaged cars have all been towed away, while the church was not seriously damaged.

FG plans renewable energy for rural communities
I can remember when readers would taunt me that only one percent of USA electricity came from non-hydro renewables. Such storage solution could ensure that renewable energy establishes a very prominent position among businesses.

Paul Quiroz, 46, was watching TV in his home on Knickerbocker Avenue when the bus started to roll away. Part of the ordeal showing the runaway bus was captured on camera. Because it hit that vehicle right there, it turned and then stopped right there at the church. "We were praying for nobody to get hurt".

The moving bus struck several parked cars on the street and injured a 27-year-old man who was changing a headlight on his parents' BMW before he was getting ready to drive them to JFK Airport. "I don't know really what happened with the bus, but my van is damaged completely", said one witness. He was taken to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center for minor injuries.

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With the country still setting its long-term energy plans, it is unclear how many will be replaced by new reactors. Two new nuclear reactors now under construction would be subject to a public consultation and may be scrapped.

The driver, Shatima Simmons, was an early-20s woman who was only on her third day on the job, and is understandably distraught.

"She is obviously very, very upset and we're going to assist her".

Critical patients upgraded in deck collapse
Lake County Sheriff Don Bell says his department won't investigate the collapse because there wasn't a crime. KRMC Public Information Officer Allison Meilicke said patients were taken to at least five area hospitals.