Dignitaries grieve death of math genius Maryam Mirzakhani

Posted July 16, 2017

Professor Mirzakhani won the prize in 2014 for her work on geometry and dynamical systems.

She fought with cancer for four years and was hospitalized lately at a hospital in the U.S.as the cancer had spread to her bone marrow.

Stanford professor Maryam Mirzakhani, the first and only woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal prize for mathematics, died Saturday after four years with breast cancer, the university announced. Mirzakhani studied the complexities of curved surfaces such as spheres, doughnut shapes and hyperbolas.

Firouz Naderi’s post in Instagram in reaction to Mirzakhani’s death
Firouz Naderi’s post in Instagram in reaction to Mirzakhani’s death

Mirzakhani was born in Tehran in 1977, and was twice awarded the International Mathematical Olympiad's gold medal in her youth.

In 1999, Mirzakhani earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. "Maryam was a brilliant mathematical theorist, and also a humble person who accepted honors only with the hope that it might encourage others to follow her math".

Firouz Naderi, her friend and NASA scientist, confirmed Mirzakhani's death on Instagram.

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Zahra Ahmadipour, the head of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHTO), referred to Mirzakhani as a spiritual heritage of the Iranian nation and a genius who solved the "equation of life", rushing to meet her Creator. "But most of the time, doing mathematics for me is like being on a long hike with no trail and no end in sight", she remarked.

Professor Maryam Mirzakhani was the recipient of the 2014 Fields Medal, the top honor in mathematics.

After her doctorate at Harvard, Mirzakhani accepted a position as assistant professor at Princeton University and as a research fellow at the Clay Mathematics Institute. Her questions came in English. She said in interviews that she liked the interdisciplinary connections and implications of her work. In a way, she told Quanta, working on mathematics is a lot like writing a novel.

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She was survived by her husband Jan Vondrák, a Czech theoretical computer scientist and her colleague at Stanford University and a daughter named Anahita.

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