One month away from total solar eclipse: What to expect

Posted July 22, 2017

The moon will pass directly in front of the sun, causing some parts of the United States to be in complete darkness.

Another project, called the Citizen Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse (CATE) Experiment by the National Solar Observatory and the University of Arizona, will engage in a kind of relay race. Because the eclipse blocks energy from the sun, scientists can study the ionosphere's response to a sudden drop in solar radiation. It will take about an hour and a half for the eclipse to travel across the sky from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic.

Hopkinsville is on the center line for one of the longest times of total eclipse in the nation.

Across the country, people are trying to determine where to get the best seat for the eclipse taking place August 21, the first complete solar eclipse that will be visible from the contiguous United States since 1979. The last total solar eclipse that was visible in the lower 48 of the United States was in February 1979, according to NASA. Always supervise children using solar eclipse glasses.

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"The moon only exists because the Earth collided with something the size of Mars 4.5 billion years ago, and that collision created matter that coalesced into the moon", Brau explains. The research will advance our knowledge of the sun's complex and mysterious magnetic field and its effects on Earth's atmosphere and land. We know this stuff, right?

If you're anxious about clouds ruining your solar eclipse experience August 21, there is one surefire way to see the spectacle: From an aircraft that will fly above any pesky weather problems.

Several of those parks are in the Channel 3 viewing area.

Its common sense not to stare directly at the Sun with your naked eyes or risk damaging your vision, and that advice holds true for a partially eclipsed Sun.

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In South Mississippi, the partial eclipse will begin at 1:59 P.M. on August 21. Strictly speaking, that is true: If clouds block the sun, you will not be able to watch the moon block the sun.

NASA recommends only using eclipse glasses with ISO 12312-2 printed on them that have been manufactured by four US companies: American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17. If an eclipse happens to come to your town, you're lucky.

That is, if the weather cooperates. "A cloudy sky could ruin the show".

Keep in mind that sunglasses do not provide enough protection to look at the sun during an eclipse. We have to turn away and then remove the glasses. Travis says your two options to safely view this eclipse without damaging your eyes are to see it indirectly through a projection onto the ground or to view it through a device with an appropriate solar filter. The guide says that only five companies are certified for the ISO 12312-2 global standard for eclipse glasses. The next one will not occur until 2023.

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