Great Ormond Street Hospital staff receive death threats over Charlie Gard case

Posted July 24, 2017

Meetings were also held this week with Charlie's mother, doctors treating Charlie at Great Ormond Street Hospital and American specialist Dr. Michio Hirano, an American neurology expert from Columbia Medical Center in NY who has designed the experimental treatment.

His parents are fighting to get him more medical care but Great Ormond Street Hospital has said the experimental treatment will not work and will just cause more suffering. They argue that his life support should be turned off and he should receive palliative care.

Charlie, who is 11 months old, suffers from a rare genetic condition which causes progressive muscle weakness.

His parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, want to fly him to the United States for experimental treatment.

"In recent weeks the GOSH community has been subjected to a shocking and disgraceful tide of hostility and disturbance".

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Chairwoman Mary MacLeod of the Great Ormond Street Hospital confirmed that hospital staff members have been subjected to an ongoing onslaught of abuse related to the Charlie Gard case.

"Families have been harassed and discomforted while visiting their children, and we have received complaints of unacceptable behaviour even within the hospital itself".

In a statement, she said numerous messages were menacing, including death threats, and that the hospital was in close contact with the police. Staff have received abuse both in the street and on line.

The Gards, whose case is being followed by US President Donald Trump, were last week granted legal and permanent residence by the US Congress in order to pursue the experimental treatment.

Charlie Gard's case is a heart-breaking one.

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Mr Gard added: "We have always acted in Charlie's best interests and we have never slated gosh publicly, in fact we have been grateful to the staff for their care despite some conflicting issues".

Doctors at GOSH have said there is no realistic prospect of improvement and Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity.

"We recognise the tireless advocacy of Charlie's loving parents and the natural sympathy people feel with his situation".

The court is due to hold a hearing on Monday to consider the latest medical evidence.

Charlie has been examined by Dr. Michio Hirano, an American neurology expert from Columbia Medical Center in NY who has designed the proposed experimental treatment.

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