3 billion and counting! 'Despacito' becomes the most watched YouTube video ever

Posted August 06, 2017

The video has been watched more than three billions as of now, and will likely to pass that milestone in a matter of minutes.

"Despacito" also became the most streamed track of all time this very month. Charlie Puth' unseated 'Gangnam Style' as the most watched video on YouTube, Luis Fonsi's 'Despacito ft.

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Not only that, Despacito is now the most-liked music video and, simultaneously, the tenth most-disliked music video on the service as well.

After breaking this latest record, YouTube released several statistics that show the video's incredible success all over the world.

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As Vulture reports, the track, which is now sitting at just over three billion views, has dethroned Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's "See You Again", which is sitting at just under that mark. Daddy Yankee, on Instagram, thanked the viewers and said YouTube had "a big responsibility" in the changing music industry. It has been staying steady at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 for twelve weeks. The rules of music have changed. Daddy Yankee' has claimed the title for itself. Not only is Despacito the most-viewed YouTube video after seven months, but it's gone on to become the first video to break 3 billion.

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