British model 'kidnapped and drugged' before being AUCTIONED online

Posted August 06, 2017

Photo released by police of Lukasz Pawel Herba, a Polish citizen with British residency, who has been arrested in the alleged kidnapping of a young British model.

A UK-based modelling agency sent the woman to the "photoshoot", and once she arrived, was promptly injected with the powerful anaesthesia Ketamine, handcuffed, and stuffed into a suitcase with a pillow case over her head, according to the report.

The woman was eventually released after six days in captivity when he kidnapper realised she had a child.

The woman, who has not been named, was allegedly kidnapped by two men on 11 July as she turned up for a fake photo shoot.

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Italian police said they are working with officials in Britain and Poland as they continue to investigate.

Italian police say the offender demanded €50,000 to free her and "threatened to kill her" if she told officers what happened to her.

Reports in Italy said the woman has given statements to police and prosecutors aided by lawyers from the British Consulate.

As she was released on July 17th, her captor told her: "Our rules exclude mothers". He was jailed for investigation of suspected kidnapping for extortion purposes.

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Her kidnapper, described as a British-Polish man, held her captive for seven days while he sought to "auction" her through networks on the "deep web" of the internet with a starting price of €300,000, police confirmed.

Police found a small bedroom at the property, but it is unclear whether it was used by the model or the kidnapper.

The woman's modelling agency then contacted police and Herba reportedly negotiated a ransom for about USD$60,000 ($75,000) with them.

On July 17, for reasons that are not clear, Herba drove the woman back to Milan and released her close to the British Consulate, where he was arrested.

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