Usher Hits Studio With Jermaine Dupri Amid STD Lawsuits

Posted August 10, 2017

One of these three individuals has come forward for the first time weeks after one woman said that Usher paid her $1.1 million in order to settle the lawsuit regarding her contracting herpes from him.

According to new reports, singer, Usher is herpes free!

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During a press conference held after she and another woman and man filed suit against Usher, Quantasia Sharpton claimed that during the celebration of her 19th birthday, the "Confessions" singer picked her out of a crowd during a concert. She claimed they had sex and he didn't tell her about his STD. Usher is reportedly denying Sharpton's claims, telling his friends that Sharpton isn't his type, so he wouldn't have slept with her, sources told TMZ. Usher does this as an esteem booster to help all sorts of women feel special at his concerts, claim the sources.

But he and his fans are seeking to malign the reputation - and the looks - of at least one of his accusers: Quantasia Sharpton. According to TMZ, his insurance company, New York Marine and General, does not want to pay for the multi-million dollar lawsuits that are being filed against him because their policy doesn't cover sexually-transmitted diseases. We spoke for a while, and then we engaged in sexual contact. She says she is proud of Sharpton for coming forward and that the civilian has been body-shamed during this process. She says that later that night a security guard asked for her number because Usher was "interested" in her. That tweet had 6700 likes as of Wednesday morning. She has since tested negative for herpes.

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The presser also included Sharpton admitting she was not now infected with herpes and had no proof that Usher was infected either.

Other documents are said to lack the names of the plaintiff, defendant and the lawyers involved because the legal complaint doesn't exist, according to Usher's representatives. On Twitter, many accompanied their posts with GIFs of celebrities with shocked faces.

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