Taylor Swift tells USA court of shock over alleged groping

Posted August 11, 2017

Called by the attorney of Colorado, Swift was asked to go into great depth about the encounter with DJ David Mueller, who is suing Swift for defamation after he was sacked from his radio station after the star alleged Mueller grabbed her "bare ass" at a meet-and-greet when she was 23. Then came his lawsuit, which was filed by her countersuit, and finally, Swift's appearance in court today.

Swift said she was stunned and did not say anything to Mueller or halt the meet-and-greets after he left because she did not want to disappoint a few dozen people waiting in line to appear in photos with her.

Swift also testified that her security guard, Greg Dent, saw David Mueller "lift my skirt" and grab her, but it was impossible for anyone to see Mueller's hand beneath her skirt and on her buttock because they were posing for the photo with their backs to a wall.

"I wanted to vomit and cry at the same time", Andrea Swift said.

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"It was a definite grab, a very long grab", Swift said under oath from the witness stand in a downtown Denver federal courtroom. The singer's been in court every day since the trial began, something she hopes will "serve as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts". She added that Mueller "stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek as I moved away from him, visibly uncomfortable".

Call said Swift's liaison to radio stations, Frank Bell, told him Swift's team was "outraged. very upset" by what happened and was considering all options, including alerting the police. On Wednesday, she tearfully testified during the trial, recalling how her daughter told her about the alleged incident.

All three were captured in a photo at the event, which was later leaked to TMZ. "You stand there and take a photo".

Mueller testified that he did not grope Swift and said his career in radio had been ruined by what he said was a false accusation.

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"There has been a lot of talk about jostling and sliding and gliding into the frame", the pop superstar said, referring to Mueller's previous testimony. "He touched my bare ass", Swift said, adding that she had a "3-D recollection" of what had transpired. Instead, he's seeking whatever the jury sees fit.

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Mueller filed a lawsuit seeking nearly $3 million in lost and future wages because of "slander" from members of the Swift camp, while Swift has counter-sued for the alleged sexual assault. "I knew when it happened", she said.

"Yes, she did not have her hand on my ass", Swift replied. "You can ask me a million questions - I'm never going to say anything different". Mueller was 51 at the time of the incident, while Swift was 23.

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Baldridge repeatedly interrupted Mueller during an aggressive cross-examination and noted that Mueller has said he lost an audio recording of a meeting he had with his bosses before they fired him.