Amber Heard mocks Australia's deputy PM who threatened to kill her dogs

Posted August 16, 2017

Her remarks were labelled "false claims" by NZ Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, who lodged a formal complaint with the Australian High Commission in Wellington.

REPORTER: Can I clarify your previous answer? And to, again, make sure that we impart how important our relationship is.

Section 44 of the nation's constitution prohibits dual citizens from standing for election in the House of Representatives or the Senate. That is where people would expect my focus to be. Should there be a change of government, I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations created to undermine the government of Australia.

"I can see why they reacted in the way they did, but I don't think it should be a measure of the relationship".

"Australian domestic politics is for them, not for us, and that is the line I maintain". Why involve a foreign political party and a foreign parliament to resolve what is an Australian issue?

On August 14 there was a new addition to the list, Australia's Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

"Assuming this passes his biosecurity laws", she said, jokingly.

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"That Ms Bishop can seriously suggest that there is some act of treason here is ridiculous", she said.

JULIE BISHOP: I explicitly call into question Bill Shorten's ethics.

But despite widespread criticism, Ms Bishop has doubled down on her comments, denying what she said "overstepped the mark".

"I reject that", Bishop said.

NZ First leader Winston Peters has compared the citizenship fiasco to the infamous underarm bowling incident in a 1981 One Day cricket global between Australian and New Zealand.

While Joyce - the leader of the Nationals party - is born in Australia, he told parliament his father was born in neighbouring New Zealand and moved to Australia in 1947.

Mr Gartrell said an Australian Labor Party senator's chief of staff contacted the New Zealand MP about citizenship laws but did not mention Mr Joyce.

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The High Court will determine later this month if Mr Joyce, a New Zealand citizen by descent through his father, is in breach of the Australian Constitution's section 44 ban on dual citizens being members of parliament.

The dual citizenship crisis kicked off in July when the minor Greens party's co-deputy leader Scott Ludlam resigned after revealing he had dual Australian-New Zealand citizenship.

However, she supports an audit of the citizenship status of all members and senators, and wants the register of MPs' interests to include a statement on citizenship status. He had "made it very clear, in hindsight, had he known how it would be used, he would not have asked the questions".

Australia gave Heard and Depp a time frame in which to have the two Yorkshire terriers removed from the country.

"The story became public as a result of media inquiries".

"That means we're ALL entitled to the rights and privileges of a subject of New Zealand - not a citizen, with the attached rights and privileges such as voting - but to be a subject of that country, living there, subject to New Zealand law, working or studying".

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