Member of Trump's diversity council calls for Bannon's resignation

Posted August 16, 2017

"Denouncing white supremacy without equivocation and without reservation should have been a no-brainer for President Trump", he added.

Anthony Scaramucci - "the shortest-tenured communications director in White House history" - appeared on The Late Show on Monday.

Scaramucci returned with all the charisma and candidness he brought to the White House, plus a bit more humility.

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"Two days later! Does he order his spine on Amazon Prime?" "I said he was". "If the president really wants to execute that legislative agenda that I think is so promising for the American people, the lower-middle class people and the middle class people, then he has to move away from that sort of Bannon-bart nonsense".

Scaramucci said he wouldn't have done anything differently. "He said he was going to fire everybody, and I gotta admit, he delivered", Colbert joked in a tribute parody. I went through 17 senators, governors, and I won all the primaries. "That's a microphone you're wearing right now". "Here's one thing that is not hard to express: Nazis are bad".

"Let's be fair to him today, though", Scaracmucci said of President Trump's most recent comments on Charlottesville.

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The media mogul, who is the chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox, is said to have advised President Trump to give his chief White House strategist the boot. "It was very declarative".

"McMaster isn't saying Bannon is the mastermind behind the campaign, but he does think Bannon could stop it if he wanted to", said one of McMaster's defenders.

The former White House official insisted Trump was a compassionate person, a contention that drew booing from the studio audience, which led Colbert to implore, "Don't boo him for being the messenger". In response, Colbert asked if he was comedically threatening to kill his staff. But that doesn't mean the keeper of Trump's populist flame will be out of a job. After the 2016 election, we committed to not only honoring its results but also stepping up to help the new administration grow our economy for the good of the American people, but the administration's behavior makes continuing that role exceedingly hard. Talk show hosts still adjusting to this increasingly perilous and frightening administration would be wise to take note from Colbert, who manages to balance his role as an entertainer with his responsibility to inform. "We're supposed to feel bad for the guy?"

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