Cannibal loses interest in human flash, hands himself over

Posted August 24, 2017

On Friday, one of the men walked into the local police station where he handed over body parts and told police that he's exhausted of being a cannibal.

The man later escorted the police to a house in KwaZulu-Natal, where they found the young woman's mutilated body.

The suspect walked into a police station in Escourt, South Africa, and handed over a part of a human body and a hand of a young girl, confessing to his crimes.

Mbatha, one of the suspects accused of murder and cannibalism, is believed to be an nyanga, also known as a traditional healer or witch doctor.

A fourth suspect is charged exclusively with possessing human organs and tissue.

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Following the four men's court appearance, local councillor Mthembeni Majola held a meeting at the Esigodlweni community hall near Estcourt which was attended by more than 700 people.

Villagers were told that if they exhumed the graves and brought the remains to the witch doctor, they will become stronger and wealthier.

'It was buried under big rocks and we had to call a machine to remove the rocks, ' he told News24.

"We condemn any idea that there could be [a] supernatural solution to any challenges facing an individual by eating body parts of a human".

The man allegedly led police to two other suspects, one of whom was said to be a witchdoctor. "The allegations by the suspect are that they would rape and kill the victims before they could cut them into pieces and eat their parts", Mbhele told News 24. "That means there is much more to this".

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"A second suspect was also arrested in Estcourt". Four were arrested on Friday, August 18, each found with body parts or having allegedly confessed to eating body parts.

"The three suspects are alleged to have murdered a woman and then cut her body up", police spokeswoman Captain Charmaine Struwig said, the report said.

"Cases of cannibalism are rare in South Africa but belief in traditional medicine remains common in rural areas", says The Times.

He was thought to be attempting to sell the head to a witchdoctor.

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